About the Artist





Our human nature deeply desires expression. Thoughts and feelings run through our "station" and like antennas, we open our senses to what is invisible to the eye.  I have the desire to bring my inner world to expression. Imagination is in place to work from. Imagination balanced with trusted foundation. Oil paint is my medium. I was practiced in watercolor for 30 years where I developed a style of the obvious in my communication. How I perceived the world painting people, places and things as my subjects, I gained national recognition during my partnership with Nordstrom Department Stores. Pulling from my former background in the graphic arts, advertising and marketing, I developed a product of my colorful watercolors. The prints were featured and sold through Nordstrom's Gift Department along with other smaller stores across our nation. I not only created the images.....I ran the business and built the product.

Today my inspiration comes from subtle feelings. My interest lies in philosophy, dream and vision work along with mythology and eastern thought. I interpret through my own experiences of emotional understanding , what I have learned what lies behind, underneath and "lost". I am in love with the irrational, abstract symmetry of thought and imagination working in tandem to create images.